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Scalp Doctors USA

Our Scalp micropigmentation artists have been featured on NBC TV, Telemundo, Allure Magazine, Voyage Miami Magazine. Each of our instructors are licensed and certified in Permanent Cosmetics with a specialization in SMP techniques. We are also one of the only centers to offer Board Certified Practitioners by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery. Our trainers are expert level instructors of scalp micropigmentation.

Plamere Plasma Training

Our Board Certified Instructors are experts in the area of corrective cosmetics with the Plamere Plasma skin tightening technology. We are authorized by GCS Co., as official distributors and educators of the Plamere Plasma device. Our programs are offered in-person and online across the globe.

Stuck Up Lashes

Our revolutionary magnetic eyeliner and lash system is the worlds best magnetic eyeliner. Our brand holds lashes so securely, the last all day and night with a single application. We feature rich color eyeliner and the largest variety of magnetic lashes on the planet! We even offer color, feather and bling style magnetic lashes! Joint our sales squad and earn serious commissions with the globes hottest new brand.

10k+ Satisfied Clients

“I highly recommend Plamere Plasma Training!! If you want a thorough overview and training you must reach out to Plamere Plasma Training. Months after training if you still need some guidance they are always there with no hesitation to guide you. I am so happy I joined a team that is highly experienced and amazing customer service.”

Rana Elnatshe

Plamere Plasma Practitioner

“Great class! They are very helpful, even after the class. I will definitely take another class held by the Center!”

Jeanice Conquest

Micropigmentation Specialist

“Plamere Plasma Training was more than I could of ever expected! After months of being a Plasma Practitioner I still have questions here and there and they have always got answered within seconds! They are an amazing, genuine company that really cares about your success with the treatments. I couldn’t ask for a better company to be behind my success! I can’t thank them enough. 💖”

Hanna Smith

Plamere Practitioner

“Plamere Plasma Training is an awesome Institute to get all your education for Plamere Plasma Pen and all other cosmetic training needs.”

Dr. Chad Dahabra


“I recommend the training from this company. Excellent training! I took online class and it exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this program!”

Harley Jones

Licensed Esthetician

“I highly recommend this training program. It’s thorough and simplified. The instructor was absolutely wonderful! She was personable, fun and always willing to help! There isn’t a question they aren’t able to answer. I’ll be referring family members to this program as well.”

Patricia Romagno

Plamere Practitioner

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