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So... what are Stuck Up Lashes?

Stuck Up Lashes is an eyelash extension training and distributor of Stuck Up Lashes professional Lash extension products..

Stuck Up Lashes training company offers multiple course for estheticians and beauty professionals to enhance their existing skillset and spa service offerings.

Eyelash extensions are one of the higher price services that a beauty professional can offer to greatly increase their income potential. One lash treatment is $250 with biweekly touch ups at $100. That means an average work week commands $100 an hour earning potential. Not bad for a course you can complete in just a few days.

What Courses Does Stuck Up Lashes Offer?

There are 5 individual learning tracks available. The three lash extensions courses cover: Classic Lash Extension, Volume Lash Extensions and Hybrid Lash Extensions. Additionally, students can also learn lash lifting and lash tinting.

5 Course Master Class Bundle

Our 5 Course Master Class bundle provides the best value and includes all 5 courses for one bundled price. With purchase of the 5 Course Master Class the student will also earn a Master Lash Artist certification, in addition to each course certification.. Master Lash Artists are eligible to become certified Stuck Up Lashes trainers and provide our amazing training courses to students in their own studio.

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