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Perma Blend's new Sweet Lip Set is available in 1/2oz sizes!


This box set contains six bottles, one (1) of each of the following colors:

French Fancy is a cool pink that is slightly lighter than Mauve.
Lady Bug is an orange/red lip color.
Nutmeg is a warm brown/orange lip pigment.
Orange Crush is a bright orange lip pigment.
Royal Red is a lovely red/pink lip pigment.
Squash is a Warm orange/brown lip color
A Complimentary Bottle of Thick Shading Solution - A solution for slightly thickening the pigment while reducing the pigment load.


Use Instructions:


Keep the product at room temperature.
Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.
Handle containers with single-use gloves straight from the box.
Before pouring, shake the pigment for at least 1 minute.
After pouring, secure the lid and return it to its storage location.
Only use Perma Blend Shading Solutions to change the consistency. Mix with no water or other thinning agents.
Pigment has a 12-month shelf life after opening.
Unopened pigment has a shelf life of 3.5 years.


Product Safety:


Data Sheets for Safety (SDS)
A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that contains information on potential hazards (including health, fire, reactivity, and environmental hazards) as well as how to work safely with chemical products. It also includes information on the material's hazards, as well as instructions for use, storage, handling, and emergency procedures. SDS documents for Perma Blend have been prepared to ensure the highest level of safety when using our products.

Certificates of Conformity

Chemical-technological laboratory (CTL) certificates are a way to ensure pigments and products have undergone the necessary laboratory testing to eliminate the concern of negative substances entering a client's skin.

Sweet Lip Set Perma Blend

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