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Take on any type of PMU brow with the Tina Davies' Variety Pack of Microblades. These microblades are available in a range of configurations and sizes to accommodate thick brows, thin hair strokes, and every brow in between.


Excellent for honing your PMU brow abilities as a beginner or professional. These microblades are intended for both experienced and inexperienced artists alike.


Configurations Included:


  • Two (2) 9 Classic shaped Microblades
  • Two (2) 14 Curved shaped Microblades
  • Two (2) U-Shaped Needle
  • Two (2) 19 Shader style Microblades




  • 316 stainless steel surgical grade
  • Includes microblading tools for all brow types.
  • Sterilized with EO gas and Disposable with a protective cap is included.
  • Comes with a needle wrapper made of hard stainless steel.
  • Variety Pack of Microblades includes one sample box of 8 Microblades




Designed for beginners but suitable for professionals as well.


Our Thoughts:


Tina Davies wanted to design this Variety Pack of Microblades to offer artists the opportunity to experiment with various microblade configurations to determine what best suits their style and the needs of their clients. This fantastic Variety Pack of Microblades contains a blade for every PMU brow style!

Variety Pack of Microblades - Tina Davies

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