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Perma Blend's new Blonde Set Series consists of color pigments that will blend seamlessly into the Perma Blend line. It includes color pigments suitable for light to dark blondes. Each color pigment can be blended together to create the ideal tone for each client. This series will cover all the shades required for those lighter clients, whether you are adding lighter colors to darker colors or darker colors to lighter colors.


Perma Blend provides high-density, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free high-quality permanent makeup pigments. Artists can be confident that Perma Blend colors are diverse and long-lasting. Perma Blend's Blonde Set Series includes six (6) color pigments as well as one (1) free bottle of Shading Solution to help you reduce the pigment load if necessary. The color pigments are softer, warmer, and more translucent, creating the ideal natural blonde look! 


One of Perma Blend's best-selling products! The Perma Blend Blondes Set Series is intended for cosmetic tattooing on all types of blondes, ranging from light to dark and dirty. The color pigments in this set could also be blended together to create the perfect blonde shade. To dilute and reduce the pigment load, a shading solution is also included. All artists should own the Perma Blend Blonde Set Series.


This set contains six (6) 1/2oz bottles of each of the following color pigments, as well as one (1) 1/2oz bottle of Shading Solution.


  • Bridget is a warm, medium-toned color pigment with a golden yellow undertone. Fantastic for your blonde clientele. Ideal for Fitzpatrick 1-2.
  • Farrah is a very warm, light-value color pigment with a yellow undertone. Ideal for Fitzpatrick 1-2.
  • Marliyn is a warm, light-colored pigment with a yellow undertone. Ideal for clients with very light blonde hair who want a natural brow. Ideal for Fitzpatrick 1-2.
  • Scarlett is a warm, medium to dark color pigment with a golden yellow undertone.  Recommended for Fitzpatrick skin tones 2-3.
  • Goldie is a golden yellow pigment with a warm, medium value. Recommended for Fitzpatrick 1-2.
  • Gwyneth is a warm, medium-to-dark color pigment with a golden yellow undertone. appropriate for Fitzpatrick levels 1-3.
  • Shading Solution (Free) - Transparent solution to be used as an optional diluent.


Use Directions:  


  1. Keep the product at room temperature.
  2. Do not expose the Perma Blend Blondes Set Series product to heat or direct sunlight.
  3. Handle containers with single-use gloves straight from the box.
  4. Before pouring, shake the pigment for at least 1 minute.
  5. After pouring, secure the lid and return it to its storage location.
  6. Only use Perma Blend Shading Solutions to change the consistency. Mix with no water or other thinning agents.
  7. Pigment has a 12-month shelf life after opening.
  8. Unopened pigment has a shelf life of 3.5 years.


Product Info:


Ingredients: Pigments, Aqua, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana, Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Rosin 


  • Vegan and cruelty-free, EU-compliant, CTL certified, CPNP registered, and BVL registered
  • Gamma radiation sterilized for pro use and safety
  • Perma Blend's Blonde Set Series is manufactured in the United States and designed by Kristina Melnicenco
  • Unopened, it has a three-year shelf life. one-year once opened 
  • 1 year once opened 


Our Notes:


  1. Shake vigorously before using for about one (1) min.
  2. If necessary, it can be modified to achieve the ideal tone.
  3. May be Diluted with shading solution if needed
  4. To dispense, remove the tab and open the lid.
  5. Apply cellophane tape to the label for effective disinfection between procedures.

Blonde Set Perma Blend

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