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This advanced tool adds dimension and depth! With the 19 shader, you can achieve a more realistic look or perfect powdered brows.


  • 19 needle microblade cluster in a slanted honeycomb configuration
  • Needle casing: needle wrapper made of hard stainless steel
  • Ideal for: Medium to combination brows.
  • Designed for artists with previous experience
  • Prepared for your art! With no assembly required.
  • 10 microblades included per box




If your clients have thicker/rubbery skin, such as Alopecia, choose manual shading over machine shading for better retention.




Surgical 316 grade stainless steel, 0.35mm needle, EO gas sterilized, Disposable with Cap for protection


Our Thoughts:


We love how this microblade adds dimension to a client's brows by creating a beautiful shading effect. It's an excellent choice for artists who don't work with machines.

19 Shader Microblades - Tina Davies

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