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A super versatile tool intended for beginners but also great for any artists looking to create precise, crisp hair strokes.


  • 16 needle nano microblade with a pointed tip is the configuration.
  • Flexible plastic needle wrapper is used as a needle casing.
  • A flexible, super fine nano blade.
  • Effective for: Detail work and producing fine hair strokes, or use it to create fuller brows
  • Ready to go: No assembly needed.
  • Each box contains 8 microblades.




Experience level: Designed for new and experienced artists who favor a nano blade.




Disposable Surgical 316 grade stainless steel, 0.18-mm needle, EO gas sterilized,
Capped for protection and Disposable


Our Thoughts:


Influenced by the PMU industry, Tina developed the nano microblades to provide artists with a more cost effective, flexible needle for creating finer hair strokes.

16 Curved Nano Microblades - Tina Davies

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